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※※※  Please read ※※※ 

1. FedEx is only available for the DroneKeeper mini due to prohibited Lithium battery for air shipping of international post office. (Please understand that)

2. Please fill in your shipping information(address, phone number) correctly in order not to return your parcel.
    In this case, we're not responsible for undelivered and returned goods. (Will refund excluding the return transportation costs)
3. Before ordering, please check your address if the FedEx delivery is available or not on the Delivery Information page.

4. The BUZ-CON has not been mounted since Aug 6, 2017. 

※※※ Caution ※※※

- This product contains mechanical parts which are weak to impact such as Buzzer, Battery and Switch.

  Therefore, it is very important that the installation is done so that the direct impact of these parts do not be applied when drone falls.

- Please refer to the installation example at the top to optimize it for your own drone.

- Never remove the silicone tube from the auxiliary buzzer connector(BUZ-CON) when not using the auxiliary buzzer.

  Do not connect any devices intentionally or accidentally to the auxiliary buzzer connector(BUZ-CON).

  The buzzer may not sound when connected.

Change History of Firmware

**The latest firmware is 2.5 (Only missing alarm timing has been changed)
(before Jun 30, 2016)
(after July 1, 2016)


  • The missing alarm will ring instead of the low voltage alarm when the external battery is disconnected while the external battery is being connected to the DroneKeeper mini.

low voltage alarm

missing alarm

 Wireless Mode only

  • Trigger point of motion sensor timer: User can select the trigger point of motion sensor timer(30sec, 1min, 5min, 8min, 10min). 
    The missing alarm will ring after the trigger point of motion sensor timer if there is no any movement. 


  • Trigger point of power on timer: User can select the trigger point of power on timer(30min, 60min, 90min). 
    The missing alarm will always ring after power on regardless of motion sensor status to prepare the worst case. (ex: strong wind) 


  • Sensitivity of motion sensor


fixed 30sec














(30sec, 1min, 5min, 8min, 10min)





(30min, 60min, 90min)






 Wired Mode only 

  • Trigger point of R/C receiver signal was changed for the missing alarm







  • DroneKeeper Mini is the 2nd generation stand-alone audible sound locator to find lost drones with internal battery
  • Can work without any connection with built-in Motion sensor
  • Can use all kinds of drone
  • Supports 2 in 1 function (Locator + Low voltage alarm) 
  • High quality, performance and lightweight(6g)
  • Very easy to use, just mount on drone
  • Can work regardless of main battery status
  • Possible to recognize the beep sound in a noisy downtown area within a 50~60meter(164~197feet) radius



  • Missing alarm will ring if there is no any movement of drone at Wireless mode
  • Missing alarm will ring if a receiver loses signal or power at Wired mode
  • Can connect the auxiliary buzzer 
  • Supports 2 kinds of user mode (Wireless mode, Wired mode)
  • Built-in motion sensor for Wireless mode
  • Can change the trigger point of motion sensor timer(30sec, 1min, 5min, 8min, 10min)
  • Can change the trigger point of power on timer(30min, 60min, 90min) 
  • Supports Low battery voltage alarm for external battery(main battery of drone) and can be changed from 3.2V to 3.6V by user
  • Supports Low battery voltage alarm for internal battery
  • Wide input voltage range from 5V to 17V (LiPo 2S to 4S)
  • Power switch off detection alarm at Wired mode only
  • Automatic internal battery charging when external power is connected
  • Can also charge the internal battery via the PC USB port using a provied micro USB module
  • Pb-free, Internal battery with PCM(Protect Circuit Module) 



 Input VoltageDC 5V ~ 17V (LiPo 2S ~ 4S) via RCV-CON (※2S~3S recommend)
 Power consumptionStandby: max 26mW, Operation: max 189mW
 Battery life time

Operating time: about 2.5hours @since the missing alarm rings 

Stand-by time: about 6.5hours @without the missing alarm 

 Charging time of the internal batteryabout 1hour after full discharged 
 R/C receiver reference signal pulse widthPWM center 1,500us [1.5ms], compatible with most of receiver
 Sound pressure levelmin 90dB @10cm 
 Operating temperature-10˚C ~ 50˚C 
Dimensions35mm x 14mm x 11mm 


Included in the Box

※ Touch pen wire is not included basically! 

DroneKeeper Mini x1microUSB charging module x1

Battery connection wire x1Quick start guide x1


☞ Manual download: Click here!

☞ User timer setting Manual for firmware2.0 and later versions download: Click here!




   [1] Please do not tie the Dronekeeper mini too tightly.

         It will make things worse. 

   [2] If the ESC doesn't have a high capacity electrolytic capacitor on battery input, not recommend to connect the 4cell LiPo battery because of high ripple noise by motor.



Released: 2016.3.4 

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DroneKeeper Mini

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