It's different 

1W High power LED module (not high flux LED)


Provide different colored LED modules.





 - Built-in LED controller/driver and LEDs on one PCB
 - Can see the flashing LED under the sunlight
 - Can easily distinguish the direction of drone using different colored LEDs
 - 3-steps brightness control (10% - 50% - 100%)
 - 6-steps different flashing mode control
 - Synchronous mode support (Master and Slave)
 - Constant current LED driving regardless of battery voltage drop
 - Simple wire connection
 - Reverse voltage protection


[Flashing Mode]
 - MODE1-S => MODE1-A => MODE2-S => MODE2-A => MODE3-S => MODE3-A => MODE4-S => MODE4-A => MODE5-S => MODE5-A => MODE6-S => MODE6-A => LED OFF , Repeat MODE when press the MODE button
        ('S' is Same flashing, 'A' is Alternative flashing)


 - Input Voltage: DC9V ~ 17V (LiPo 3S ~ 4S) via DC-IN pad (※ 3cell battery recommend)
 - LED: 1W High Power LED (Luminous flux; White: typ 90lm, Green: typ 65lm, Red: typ 55lm, Blue: typ 25lm, Amber: 55lm)
 - Power consumption: Operation max 4.2W(350mA @12V)
 - Operating Temperature: -10˚C  ~ 50˚C
 - Dimensions: 63mm(L) x 8mm(W) x 8.2mm(H), Weight: 3.5g


[Included in the Box] 

DroneLight SIG3 x 1 (RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE)


 - Do not exceed over 17V.
 - Do not touch the heatsink area of PCB.
 - PCB will be very hot at max brightness and max input voltage. It is normal.
 - Be careful not to touch Metal or Carbon parts with electronic components of DroneLight.

Manual download: Click here!











Released: 2016.5.6 

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DroneLight SIG3

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