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DroneKeeper which is the 1st generation stand-alone sound locator had been made by NicheTek in Korea for the first time in Oct 2014, Korean market only.


1. Can work as stand-alone with internal battery regardless of main battery status.
2. If there is no PWM signal or power source loss, beep sound will ring automatically. Can also ring the beep sound by transmitter manually.
3. Can charge the internal battery automatically during flight.
4. Has power switch mistake prevention function.
5. Internal battery has a protect circuit module(PCM) basically.

1. Input Voltage: DC4.8V~6V
2. Charging time: approximately 40min~50min (full charging time after full discharge)
3. Operating time: approximately 2hour~6hour (depends on selected sound mode)
4. Standby current: under 10mA
5. Sound pressure level: min 85dB @10cm
6. Center Pulse Width of Receiver Input: 1,500us
7. Size: 49mm x 16mm x 15(9)mm
8. Weight: approximately 9g

Released: 2014.10

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