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  • "The DroneKeeper micro is a “3rd Generation stand-alone operational sound generator” drone position tracker with built-in motion sensor designed to be used with the removable battery."
  • The removable battery maximizes convenience for the user and is smaller, lighter and tougher than the second-generation DroneKeeper mini.
  • It is a very useful product that can keep your precious drones from risk of loss.
  • The most obvious way to find a drone in a bush is by sound.

  • Possible to recognize the beep sound in a noisy downtown area within a 50~60meter(164~197feet) radius
  • "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."



  • As a stand-alone buzzer, it can be used regardless of the form of drones or the battery for main power supply of drones.
  • The movement of the drone is determined by a motion sensor. You do not need any connection with the drones.
  • It is not difficult to use because it works immediately when the battery is inserted and only the power is turned on.
  • The battery can be replaced at any time by using the removable battery.
  • The battery can use both disposable 1.5V coin cell and rechargeable 3.6V coin cell.
  • It is small, light, and solidly designed with anodized aluminum structure to safely protect the product.
  • Depending on your needs, you can change the motion sensor timer and power-on timer settings.
  • A power-on timer function is built-in to prevent the missing alarm sound from not going off due to the continuous movement of the drone because of strong winds.
  • Overdischarge protection circuit for 3.6V rechargeable coin cell battery is built-in.
  • Battery inverse voltage protection circuit is built-in.
  • Battery low-voltage alarm is embedded.



 Input Voltage
DC 1.5V ~ 5.0V (Disposable 1.5V coin cell, Rechargeable 3.6V Li-Ion coin cell)
 Power consumption
Standby: max 14mW, Operation: max 238mW
 Battery run-time
~ consecutive 2.4 hours for disposable 1.5V coin cell @when missing alarm sound rings 
~ consecutive 2.7 hours for rechargeable 3.6V coin cell @when missing alarm sound rings
~ consecutive 98 hours for disposable 1.5V coin cell @when missing alarm sound doesn't occur 
~ consecutive 30 hours for rechargeable 3.6V coin cell @when missing alarm sound doesn't occur
 Sound pressure level
min 85dB @10cm 
Operating temperature
-10˚C ~ 50˚C 
D15mm x H20mm
4.6g  without battery

 ※ Actual battery run-time may vary greatly depending on the ambient temperature and battery manufacturer.

 ※ Disposable 1.5V coin cell was measured by Energizer.

 ※ Rechargeable 3.6V coin cell was measured by ZM. 

Included in the Box      


  • DroneKeeper micro  x1  (※ Battery is not included)

Product Views

Battery Usage

  • The battery is available with a disposable 1.5V LR44 coin cell (impossible to charge) and a 3.6V Li-ion LIR1254, CP1254 coin cell for charging. Disposable1.5V LR44 coin cell batteries are readily available on/off-market.
  • If possible, we recommend that you purchase and use a 3.6V Li-ion coin cell battery for charging. A dedicated charger for charging the 3.6V Li-ion coin cell battery is also sold separately.
  • If the battery low-voltage alarm rings during power-on or during operation, the battery must be replaced with a new one.
  • In case of a disposable 1.5V coin cell, check the operating time when using the battery for the first time. Some batteries can shorten the usage time dramatically.
  • Place the battery flat to prevent it from tilting. Do not reverse polarity. This product comes with electrical inverse voltage protection, but please note, the physical short of battery is not protected.
  • Using of several disposable 1.5V coin cell batteries alternatively, will let you use longer. Reusing instantly after ringing of missing alarm will cause the battery low-voltage alarm due to sudden battery voltage drop. In this case, it is possible to use again after neglect it for long hours. (Note: It is only applied for the battery which has not been used for long hours)
  • If the battery low-voltage alarm is still ringing after neglect for long hours, or if the power is not turned on, change it to new battery.
  • We strongly recommend to use the Energizer or Bexel for a disposable 1.5V coin cell battery.

◎ Available Coin Cell Battery Chart

Item No.






Size Dia*H




LR44, AG13, A76, L1154, V13GA, SR44SW, 303, 357

Disposable Alkaline



11.50 x 5.4


LIR1254, LIR1255, CP1254

(★Available site: Amazon, eBayAliexpressAlibaba)

Rechargeable Li-ion

3.6, 3.7

50, 60

12.0 x 5.4


Power Supply

  • Power On : Turn clockwise.
  • Power Off : Turn counterclockwise.

Status Alarm Sounds and LED

       ◎ Power-on alarm:

    (1) Battery type è (2) Motion sensor timer setting value è (3) Power-on timer setting value in order    

    (1) Battery type:

  • Disposable 1.5V coin cell: ringing beep once
  • Rechargeable 3.6V Li-Ion coin cell: two consecutive beeps

    (2) Motion sensor timer setting value:
  • 30 seconds: one beep (Initial value)
  • 1 minute: two consecutive beeps
  • 3 minutes: three consecutive beeps
  • 5 minutes: four consecutive beeps
  • 8 minutes: five consecutive beeps
    (3) Power-on timer setting value:
  • 20 minutes: one beep (initial value)
  • 40 minutes: two consecutive beeps
  • 60 minutes :three consecutive beeps

◎ StatusLED:
  • Motion Detection: Blink every 2 seconds
  • No Motion: Blink every 5 seconds

◎ Battery low-voltage alarm:
  • Beep every 2 seconds.

[Note] The sound level of power-on alarm and battery low-voltage alarm are lower than missing alarm in order to save the power.

Operation and Usage Explanation

  • Turn the lid of the product counterclockwise, remove the lid, and insert the battery according to the product polarity. (The product lid is negative (-)pole.)
  • If you turn the lid clockwise after inserting the battery, the power will be turned on and you will hear a power-on alarm.
  • If there is no motion for a certain period of time (motion sensor timer set value) after the power is turned on, a missing alarm will automatically sound.
  • If continuous movement of the product occurs, the missing alarm will sound, regardless of the operating motion after the time set for the power-on timer. The power-on timer automatically generates a missing alarm tone after the power is turned on. You may need to set the power-on timer appropriately considering the flight time if needed.
  • After use, to turn off the power, make a half turn on product by turning it counterclockwise about a half turn.
     [Note] If the power is turned on, but the lid is placed on too lightly, it will create an unstable contact with the battery and battery life can be significantly shortened. The lid must be tightened properly.

Change User Timer Setting Values

  • A separate switch module is required to change the motion sensor timer and power-on timer settings.
  • Remove the battery first by opening the lid of the product.
  • Plug the power cable connector of the switch module into the same connector on the coin cell charger or USB gender. (At this time, the coin cell charger must be connected to the USB port.)
  • Place the white dot on the switch module in line with the white dot on the product circuit board.
  • If you press the switch module lid while the switch module is properly attached, the power will be turned on and you will hear a beep to signal that the power is on. After the power-on alarm stops, press the button switch on the switch module to change the motion sensor timer setting. (Repeat Step 5)
  • In order to change the power-on time setting, first hold down the switch button of the switch module, then turn the product on by pressing the cap of the switch module.
  • In this state, after the power-on alarm stops, release the switch, and then press the switch to change the power-on timer setting. (Repeat Step 3)
  • You can hear the current set value during power-on.


  • The photos are designed to help you understand the installation, so it should be installed properly according to your device.
  • Install the product in a safe place where no direct impact is applied so that the product can be protected.


    ◎ Using a Silicon Tube for protect the product

  • The silicon tube is readily available on/off-market.


3D models download for 3D Printing

 Click here for downloading the 3D models of protective cover

※ Optimized for Zortrax 3D printer (Material: ABS)

 Click here for downloading the 3D models of anti-slip locker

Usage Precautions

  • Be careful not to scratch the inner wall of the product main body where the battery is located. If scratches occur, there is a danger of electrical shorts. Be sure to insulate the inner walls with tape.
  • Do not put the battery in the lid separately; there is a danger of electrical short.
  • Do not tighten the lid too tightly; there is a risk of damage.
  • Install in a safe place so that the product can be protected in case of a fall.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • When not using for a long time, remove the battery and store it.
  • Product is not safe to use in water.
  • Be careful not to block the hole where the sound comes out.
  • Arbitrary use of the aluminum structures may cause the sound to weaken.
  • Be cautious for ESD.
  • Do not drop the product without the lid tightened.

※ Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice for product improvement or future release.


  1. Cannot hear the power-on alarm

           A) Check the battery status or Turn the lid slowly(in case of LIR1254)


Field Test

Operation and Usage Explanation

Released: 2018. Feb

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